Proposed Closure of Bowers Road

Published on 23 November 2017

Bowers Road.png

Following a double fatality at the Bowers Road intersection with the Hume Freeway at Winton on Sunday 28 May 2017, we have been working with Victoria Police and VicRoads to investigate ways to improve the safety of this intersection and minimise the likelihood of further loss of life or injury.

The intersection is located north of the Winton Motor Raceway and provides access for vehicles travelling southbound to both this regional tourist hub, as well as the Lurg, Greta and Glenrowan West areas.

Bowers Road also extends northward across the freeway to access the Winton Wetlands, Chesneyvale and surrounding localities – although changes to this link are not proposed at this time.

The aged signage at the site shows the closure was always envisaged. The traffic levels on the Winton side now exceed the thresholds for use of the intersection on peak days. Furthermore, the upgraded Benalla-Winton interchange has changed the safety landscape.The few minutes it takes to travel to the Benalla roundabout offers a much safer choice.

We’ve investigated the potential issues of closing the intersection of the Hume Freeway and Bowers Road.

The Winton Glenrowan Road has a 20 tonne gross load limit from Bowers Road until the beginning of the Glenrowan hill due to culverts on the Winton Glenrowan Road. This impacts on heavy vehicles travelling east bound.

If this road is closed, alternative access to the freeway is via the roundabout near Benalla, which takes approximately four minutes, or the Glenrowan township, which takes approximately seven minutes.

You can have your say on the proposed closure of Bowers Road by email or post. Comments are welcome until Friday 19 January 2018. 

To comment on this proposal and tell us if you support or object to this proposal, download the Bowers Road feedback form.(DOCX, 14KB)

Supporting Information

Download the Council report on Bowers Road Winton(PDF, 711KB)

Download the VicRoads statistics for Bowers Road(PDF, 2MB)

Download a copy of the Proposed closure of Bowers Road, Winton advertisement.(PDF, 89KB)